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Quantum Tools to Help You Heal Your Life Now: Healing the Past Using the Secrets of the Law of Attraction

Lisa A. Romano

Not so long ago I was a young mother of three small children on the verge of being thrown out of her home by her very angry husband. When I discovered that I was a people pleasing codependent, and that my marriage had become a replica of my childhood relationship with my mother, I came to realize that I had no other choice but to get divorced. In turns out that growing up in a home where I felt invisible, ignored, and invalidated had groomed me for a life of complete misery. Unaware my childhood experiences had brainwashed me to think and behave in a certain way, I attracted characters into my life who mimicked my relationships with others from my childhood.

This book is the product of what I have learned on my road to true emotional freedom. Along my life's path I have been struck time and time again by how what I felt on an emotional level was my point of attraction. Because I was taught that I was unworthy, I attracted others who treated me as if I was unworthy. My parent's opinions about money also impacted me as an adult. Being brainwashed to believe in lack, as an adult I experienced a lack mentality, and experienced lack in every area of my life. As my consciousness expanded I could not help but to link what was manifesting in my everyday life to what was going on inside of me on an emotional subconscious level.