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Loving The Self Affirmations: Healing Childhood Brainwashing

Lisa A. Romano

The Center for Disease Control estimates that there is a death by suicide in the United States every thirteen minutes. According to the World Health Organization there is one death by suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. Staggering statistics that begs to ask the question, "Why?" Loving The Self Affirmations Volume 2 is a book that has been written by an author who understands the answer to this intriguing question. Her personal experience with emotional abuse, suicidal thoughts, and depression enhances her ability to speak to a readers soul in a way that only a person who has known the bottomless pits of despair can relate to. As an author, Romano has penned a book that seems to speak a secret language that lost souls can understand, and appreciate. Loving The Self Affirmations Volume 2 speaks to what Romano believes is at the root cause of many suicides; self alienation, and self-condemnation. Through her personal as well as professional experience as a sought after international Life Coach, Romano has discovered that without sufficient, proper external validation and nurturing from caretakers, children tend to grow up feeling disconnected from their own internal realities. Consistently being ignored, abused, neglected or treated with indifference creates dysfunctional programming within the child's impressionable mind. Unchecked, data received from the outside causes the child to perceive his/her own Self as unworthy, and not good enough. Loving The Self Affirmations Volume 2 speaks directly to the perceptions that are responsible for the childhood programs that are unconsciously running the persons adult life. Brilliantly crafted, Romano has found a way to help people detach from their negative thoughts about Self for the purpose of being able to comprehend the possibility of changing those programs. In addition, at the heart of every affirmation is the message, "You are enough, and always were, even if those you loved were unable to love you the way you deserved to be loved. Hang on, live on, and love Self." Lisa A. Romano is an author who understands that emotionally neglected children turn into self-alienated, and self-condemning adults who are at risk for depression as well as suicide. Loving The Self Affirmations is a book that has the ability to spark hope in the hearts of lost souls everywhere.