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Loving The Self Affirmations: Breaking The Cycles of Unconscious Codependent Belief Systems

Lisa A. Romano

When you are the adult child of dysfunctional parenting, life is often a web of confusion, chaos, destruction, shame, guilt, self doubt, anger, fear, loss and resentment. Because you have been programmed and conditioned to believe that what you think, what you feel, and what you need is only valid if and when others decide they are, you continually seek outside of your Self for worthiness, that in truth, has resided within you all along.

May the affirmations you discover in this book help you AWAKEN to your divine truth.

Ponder one affirmation a day, and do not move on to the next affirmation until your mind has deeply absorbed the wisdom in its message.

The blank pages in this book are intended for you to write down any ideas that come to you while meditating on the affirmations of the day.

Open your mind, embrace your fears and learn to nurture your Self. A great deal of healing occurs when we as adult children learn to accept that we must learn to parent Self.