Are You A Judgmental Person?

Are you up for this challenge?

Today, tame your mind to NOT give into ANY delusion or illusion of COMPETITION.

No matter where you go, REFUSE to be DRAGGED into the vibration of COMPETITION.

No matter the TEMPTATION by the media or any outside force, REBUKE the pull of judging the self or someone else.

Darkness will whisper 'You are not enough' and it will also drag you to the pits of unconsciousness and cause you to see NOT ENOUGHNESS in others as well.

In those dark moments, you will not see the mirror.

You will NOT see how you have been BRAINWASHED to see and believe in the lack within you.

You will NOT see that your noticing of lack in another is a mirror to the lack you may hold of self.

And sadly, there are those who wish you NEVER wake up and allow the FALSE mirror to crash to the ground.

PROVE the strength of SPIRIT is STRONG by REBUKING the temptation to judge others or the self.

As you judge, so shall you be judged, and you will not even know that you have been hypnotically programmed to be the JUDGE that judges you.

You are the judge and you are the jury.

AWAKEN and know you are enough--and so is every person out there. However, the deeper the sleep, the darker the sleeper believes in the dark.

All day every day, everywhere you look see ENOUGHNESS and especially in the SELF.


Thank you for being brave enough to challenge the darkness within!

All my love,


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