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Adults, who have been forced to live in states of survival as children, may not realize they are moving through life from a wounded place, recreating the exact patterns in their lives they once feared in their childhoods.   


Use these guided meditations, and audio products from Lisa A. Romano to heal and create the life you truly desire.


Audio Lectures

5 x Audio Lectures Bundle

All five audio lectures available as one purchase.

$19.99 - Buy Now

The Law of Attraction Demystified

The ego and the brain are linear.  But the truth is, we are all quantum fields of energy more than we are physical. 

$9.99 - Buy Now

Your Feelings Are The Key Audio

Fully embrace what went wrong and what to do in order to integrate mind, body, and soul.

$9.99 - Buy Now

The Three Deadly R's That Keep You Stuck

Learn about the Three DEADLY R's that destroy any chance of living the life you deserve.

$9.99 - Buy Now

Healing Codependency

It is time to awaken and learn how to connect with your authentic self.

$9.99 - Buy Now

They Were Wrong - You Can Heal!

The power to heal has been with you all along, you just did not understand how to tap into that potential.

$9.99 - Buy Now


Mental Alchemy Guided Meditation

This meditation has been created to help you gain a clearer connection to the power within to help you align yourself with your divine self.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Enhanced Self Love Guided Meditation

You are worthy of self-care and self-love. 

$4.99 - Buy Now

Grounding Meditation with Positive You Are Worthy Affirmations

Use this meditation to usher you into a healing state of self-love, gratitude, surrender, and acceptance. 

$4.99 - Buy Now

Guided Body Scan Meditation

Use this meditation to help you soothe your mind, body and soul.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Heal the World Meditation

Raise your own vibrations as well as the vibrations of the collective.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Healing Guided Meditation to Help Reduce Anxiety and Obsessive Thinking

This meditation has been created to help you find and connect with the Divine Stillness Within.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Healing Shame Meditation

This guided healing meditation helps you unplug from the 3D world and activate the power of your DIVINE inner world.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Letting Go of Attachments Healing Meditation

Use this guided meditation to help you connect to your divine I AM presence within!

$4.99 - Buy Now

Manifest Love Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

You deserve love and once you align yourself with the energies of love, it shall be yours.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Meditation for Personal Success and Abundance

Powerful Self Love Affirmations

$4.99 - Buy Now

Merge with The Light Guided I AM Meditation

Heal the Toxic Emotions That Keep You Stuck

$4.99 - Buy Now

Powerful Guided Healing Meditation to Help Heal Toxic Shame

Connect with the healing power within you that may have been clouded over by faulty negative childhood programming.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Release Childhood Trauma Healing Meditation

The greatest force on earth is love and when you have been a victim of childhood trauma, you have been denied this most healing energy. 

$4.99 - Buy Now

Restorative Delta Frequency Guided Sleep Meditation

Heal your mind from unnecessary mental chatter so you can enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Powerful Guided Meditation to Help You Connect to Higher Self

Learning to connect with your Higher Self has the potential to change your entire life for the better.

$4.99 - Buy Now

What If You Knew Meditation

This meditation is loaded with powerful healing messages that have the potential to heal you in miraculous ways.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Narcissistic Abuse Meditation

This meditation has been created to help you confront the illusions that are interrupting your healing journey.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Abundance Meditation

This meditation will help you deprogram beliefs that are holding you back from getting what you want from life.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Heal the Wounded Heart Meditation

Download and use this self-hypnosis meditation to help you heal the wounds of your heart caused by others.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Guided Morning Meditation

Begin your day with this guided meditation and gain control over your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and energy.

$1.99 - Buy Now

Attract the Love You Truly Desire

Reprogram your mind so that you attract the type of loving relationship you hear yourself desiring in life.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Open Your Spiritual Eyes Meditation

This meditation has been created to help you awaken your spiritual third eye.

$4.99- Buy Now

You Are Worthy Powerful Guided Meditation

Learn to heal the past negative programs that have been holding you back.

$4.99 - Buy Now

Audio Training

Boundary Building Audio Workshop
with 60 page Workbook

Use this audio to help you learn the skills you need to begin setting boundaries with others.  With 60 page workbook.

$47 - 75% off - More info

Boundary Building Audio Workshop
(WITHOUT Workbook)

Use this audio to help you learn the skills you need to begin setting boundaries with others.  

$12.25 75% off - Buy Now

Codependency 12 Part Audio Series

Use this audio to help you learn the skills you need to begin setting boundaries with others.  

$79 - More info

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