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About Lisa

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in Mentoring Adult Children of Alcoholics who are seeking to move beyond their painful pasts. She is also a bestselling author, radio show host, and speaker.

“I assist people conquer their limiting, unconscious beliefs about Self;the ones they were programmed to believe when they were little and impressionable. I help adult children from all sorts of dysfunctional homes and otherwise ‘normal homes’ to create new belief systems that serve to facilitate their personal growth. Through a co-creative coaching/mentoring relationship unconscious beliefs are made conscious and new beliefs about the divine Self are created.

As children born to dysfunctional caretakers, we may have been brainwashed to believe we are not worthy, that our emotions don't matter, and that who we are is not valuable. Unless we learn to face these dysfunctional thinking patterns and then appropriately adopt new healthier ways of seeing Self--we unconsciously recreate our pasts by attracting people and circumstances that mimic our childhoods.

I have seen amazing transformations. My books help readers get back in touch with the emotions they were taught to deny. They are powerful tools that help readers 'remember' who they really are; Divine souls worthy of all that is good. I help them assimilate new concepts about Self, and in time they remember that they are more than what others have falsely brainwashed them to believe about Self, so much more.

I help adult children Master The Self--so that they can finally put the demons to rest and live the lives they were born to live!"